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Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition Assistance
The Moriah School is committed to providing a quality Jewish education to all students and families, regardless of need. Our admissions and acceptance process does not take into account a family’s financial situation, including ability to pay tuition or any other educational expenses. As such, we take pride in the Tuition Assistance programs that are offered by Moriah, which provide support for families that are unable to pay tuition in full. Please review the descriptions of the Tuition Assistance programs below to determine which may be the best fit for your family and financial situation. Applicants may only participate in one program per school year, so please review the details below carefully.
1) Tuition Affordability Program "TAP"
Click here to learn about our Tuition Affordability Program.
2) Financial Aid Application
For those families who have determined that our TAP program may not be the right program for their family, a more comprehensive financial aid application is available at The “Yeshivah Aid” application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid committee and all information will remain confidential.
These applications must be submitted with full backup documentation by May 1st of each year. Late applications will be accepted through June 1st of each year with a $100 late application fee sent into the business office. Applications after June 1st may not be accepted.
Applications received on time will receive their tuition assistance notification by June 15th.
The budget for financial aid is limited and late applications will only be considered after on-time applicants are awarded, which may reduce the aid available for late applicants. Please note that tuition assistance is available beginning in Kindergarten.
We urge those who need additional assistance to plan accordingly and, if necessary, to pursue alternative options for tuition funds including other local community institutions.
For questions regarding Financial Aid, payment plans and other related questions, please contact the Business Office:
201-567-0208 ext. 324 or ext. 329