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Annual Dinner

January 17th, 2022
15 Shevat, 5781
Dear Moriah Community, Family, and Friends,

The last few years have been particularly taxing and challenging in ways that we never could have imagined.  The fortitude and resilience of our entire Moriah community; teachers, parents, donors, and especially our students, has been breathtaking.  Our strength as a community is defined not only by the character and fabric of our community during good times, but also, and more importantly, at challenging times. And we have passed this test with flying colors. Our annual dinner provides us with an opportunity to reflect on all of our achievements, and specifically to celebrate a number of individuals who personify many of the traits that make Moriah such a unique institution.

Alex and Sandy Solomon have shown incredible devotion and dedication to Moriah for so many years.  The list of areas where they have made a huge difference in the life of our school is substantive- from support of holiday programming through the Purim Carnival, to inclusion of STEM through the STEM lab, to building and developing a highly functioning IT department with hands on support and guidance in shaping this department, to our annual fundraising drives which are largely successful due to Alex's sheer determination- the list goes on and on.  Their positive, can-do attitude and their problem solving approach has helped shape Moriah and made the school a far better place.  On a personal note, I have always appreciated the guidance, support and advice that I know I can always receive from them any time I turn to them.

There is rarely a day where I don’t speak to Leiah Moskowitz. In fact, we often talk numerous times per day.  Her wholehearted support, involvement and passion for every aspect of our schools health and well being is spectacular.  I am in awe of her ability to treat Moriah as a full time job (plus) and still find time to run her family and work!  She took on her role as Chairman of the Board at what would prove to be an incredibly difficult time period, but managed each and every challenge with grace and wisdom.  Over the last few years, she has been a meaningful partner, confidante and advisor to me on a daily basis and has been one of the main reasons that we have been so successful in recent years.

This year, we are excited to honor two stellar faculty members- Davida Greenberg and Debbie Pechet.  As two of the senior members of our student support team, they have helped countless students in immeasurable ways.  The skills and ability to succeed that they give to our students (both past and present) who need extra support, allow these students to become successful and have transformed so many lives.  Our Gesher Yehuda and Maximum Support programs have been such strong programs because of individuals like Debbie and Davida who care deeply about their students and are willing to devote their time, attention and love to ensure that they are all successful.  Davida and Debbie are a testament to the fact that a skilled, caring and loving teacher can literally change children's lives.

Thank you to all of our community members for their support of our school.  We are privileged to be part of a unique and extraordinary school, community and family.


Rabbi Daniel Alter, Head of School