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Alternative Earnings Program

We have a new and exciting opportunity to help The Moriah School earn money without much effort on our part. All it takes is a few clicks and the school automatically receives a percentage from many major retailers.

Companies like Stop & Shop, Amazon and Box Tops for Education each allocate funds and track our productivity differently, however, the end result is that Moriah will earn money when you make purchases at any of these vendors with your card number/ID number properly linked to Moriah.

Box Tops For Education

Earn cash for Moriah every time you purchase participating General Mills products! Twic each year, Box Tops will send a check to Moriah for each Box Tops coupon redeemed, up to $20,000 each year.

Many of you have noticed that Box Tops has started to move to a digital platform.

Box Tops has started to move to a digital platform. Products that previously had clippable box tops may no longer have them. Some products still do, so definitely CUT THEM OUT if you see them and SEND THEM IN with your kids.

How it Works:

1. Go to the Google Play store or Apple App store and download the Box Tops for Education app.

2. Sign up through the app and appoint the Moriah School of Englewood as the school you are collecting for.

3. Within 14 days of purchase, scan your receipts with Box Top products (if you're not sure, just scan any receipt).

4. When you scan, you will have an option to "credit" your child's class (lower left-hand corner of the screen). At this point, just type in your child's class (i.e. 5-1, gan cochavim, etc.). You can only enter one class per scan.

If you have any questions, please contact Ali Auerbach at or Sharon Jacobs at

STOP & SHOP – A+ Bonus Bucks

DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM: Schools selected by customers get a portion of the total award pool. The portion is determined by purchases made at Stop & Shop stores and through Stop & Shop. For every dollar spent using the Stop & Shop Card or keyfob, the School selected by that customer receives one point. Extra Credit items earn 50 additional points per purchase. At the end of each month, each school’s total number of points is divided by the total number of points earned by all selected schools and then multiplied by the monthly award giveaway. All schools registered with our program earning $5 or more will receive a check for the total amount of cash earned at the end of the program.


1. Go to:

2. Sign up and register your card.

3. Follow on screen instructions to add Moriah as your school to support


Don't forget to use while you shop! Proceeds go directly to Moriah with every dollar you spend.

When shopping on Amazon like you would normally do, visit

Use the link under the search bar at the top of the screen to select your organization

Search for “Moriah School of Englewood”

Click the yellow “select” button next to Moriah School of Englewood (Englewood, NJ)

For more information, contact Daniella Allen, Dena Duboroff, and Danielle Saliman.

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