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Tuition Affordability Program

The Moriah School is proud to provide the Tuition Affordability Program (“TAP"). The purpose of TAP is to provide a sustainable, affordable tuition for all members of our diverse Moriah community by offering a tuition scale that accounts for a family's income level and number of day school children. Providing affordability with educational excellence is a priority of Moriah's Administration and Board of Trustees who are constantly seeking to efficiently partner with the parent body to reach this goal.

Why now?

An excellent education program with support services, resource staff, technology programs, professional development and our ability to attract and retain the best faculty and administration, costs money.

The new model - Moriah as a community of families of varied means.

The Moriah Tuition Affordability Program recognizes that as a heterogeneous community we have many different types of families with a variety of income levels. No longer is it 2 dimensional (families who have more and families who have less) but as the cost of tuition has increased (100% in the past 12 years) while incomes have only gone up by 38%, the ability for the bulk of families to pay their tuition bill has also been challenged. As such, the Moriah TAP allows a family to be charged accordingly for their child's tuition. The existing financial aid process will be utilized for those families that require additional aid beyond the TAP.

How does it work?

For the 2020-2021 year, everyone in the school will be sent a tuition bill for the full tuition as part of their tuition packet. Anyone wishing to participate in the TAP program should fill out the TAP application received in their tuition packet and return to the business office along with a copy of their final 2019 personal and business tax returns, W-2s, K-1's and most recent property tax bill.

Do I qualify?

Shown on the TAP application there is a Tuition Index matrix that based on your income level (as high as $360,000) and the number of children you have in school (day school at Moriah and high school) you will receive a revised a tuition bill showing your TAP tuition charge on this coming years' tuition bill. Income is defined as gross pre elective deferrals income. Elective deferrals include, but are not limited to; pension contributions, dependent care and Caf Plan contributions. Property tax exceeding $23,000 will make the applicant ineligible for TAP. (For a full list of details, please see link below.)

What other rules apply?

  • TAP eligibility is for Moriah students in grades Pre-K - 8. Nursery students at Moriah are counted as dependents but are not eligible for a reduced tuition;
  • Qualified dependents are children attending Moriah from nursery through 8th and any Yeshiva high school;
  • Each full Gesher and Maximum Support tuition qualifies as an additional dependent, however, that tuition will not be reduced as part of TAP;
  • High levels of unearned income and losses on schedules C, D and E will be subject to review.

What will be the impact of the Moriah TAP?

The primary objective of the Moriah TAP is to continue to invest in our program and in our faculty while providing relief to the many families at Moriah that are simply stretched too far by the cost of Jewish Day School tuition. The funds raised in the annual campaign will be used to offset and fund the Moriah TAP.

Click here for the TAP Application & Tuition Fee Scale

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