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Planning a simcha? Rent our beautiful shul and social hall! Contact Erik Kessler for rates and details - or 201-567-0208 ext 376.

Guide to Planning a Simcha at The Moriah School

Mazel tov on your upcoming simcha. This guide will help you in the planning of your event at the Moriah School including a description of the different spaces that Moriah has to offer, guidelines for your simcha at Moriah, and helpful hints.

Beit Knesset/Synagogue Space

  • The Beit Knesset is a beautiful, open and light-filled space for davening. It can also be used for speeches or other talks. The room is set up with a frosted glass mechitza and modern comfortable chairs. The Beit Knesset can hold up to 320 people.
  • There are siddurim that contain Shabbat davening. Many of the siddurim are all in Hebrew but there are some Metsudah siddurs with English translation.
  • There are no chumashim so you will need to provide booklets that contain the torah and haftorah. Moriah can provide these booklets for $100.
  • There are also no tallasim available at the school. Many people set up a table directly outside the shul with booklets with the torah and haftorah readings, extra tallasim, kippot and head coverings for women. There is usually a yad on the lecturn but many people like to bring their own.
  • You may want to remind your out-of -town guests to bring their own tallasim.
  • The torah lectern space is small and does not allow room for flowers. There is some space for flowers on the front bima if desired.
  • As the Beit Knesset is in the back of the building, it is helpful for guests to have some signage to direct people to the shul area.
  • It is helpful to appoint Gabbayim to help run the service.
  • Having the boys sit in the front of the room helps to make the best use of the space and prevent them from leaving the Beit Knesset.

Herschmann Social Hall

  • The Herschmann social hall is a newly renovated large room that can be used in a number of ways. It can be used for a buffet Kiddush with open seating or for a more formal sit down meal.
  • The social hall can accommodate 300people seated without a dance floor.
  • The social hall rental include 17- 90 inch round tables, 15 - 80 inch round tables, and 30 - rectangular tables. Linens and smaller hi-boy tables are not included.
  • The hall includes 300 white metal chairs with blue vinyl seats. Some people chose to rent their own chairs.
  • There is a stage area in the room. Some simchas put the children’s tables on the stage. Other simchas put Shabbat friendly games for the children on the stage and put the children’s table directly next to the stage.
  • The social hall can also be also used for Friday night dinners or for Sunday events.

Coat Racks

  • Coat racks are available and can be placed in the front entry area of the school or in the rear by the synagogue.

Lew Garden

  • The Lew Garden is an attractive enclosed outdoor space that can be used for kiddushes in the warmer months.

Lobby Area

  • The large lobby area provides a good reception area for your guests. Many people serve cold drinks and light breakfast items in this area to welcome their guests. The coat racks can also be placed here.
  • It is helpful to have a welcome sign that directs guests to the back of the building where the Beit Knesset is located. This is an opportunity to provide personalized and fun signs for your event.

Pick up of Personal Items

  • It is important that your personal items including food, liquor and other items are removed promptly after your simcha. Please coordinate your pick up with John Klein, the head custodian at Moriah.
  • Many organizations will pick up left over food from simchas. Shearit Ha Plate is an organization that picks up food from simchas and delivers it to needy individuals within Bergen County. To arrange a pick-up, contact Josh Klavan at and someone can meet you at Moriah after your event. Phone: 225-DON8-FUD or 225-366-8383


  • The main gates to the school are locked to cars from Friday night until after Shabbat is over Saturday night. If guests need to park cars, there is parking on the east side of North Woodland Street and on Mountain Road. If you plan to have a large number of drivers park on the street, is a good idea to contact the parking division of the Englewood Police Department (Sargeant Greeley 201-954-1970) to let them know that there is event going on. This will prevent your guests from receiving parking tickets.

Contact People

  • For questions about renting The Moriah School for a simcha and pricing, please contact Erik Kessler at or 201-567-0208 ext 376.
  • Lisa Shafer at or 917-225-2419

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