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Dear Moriah Parents,

School is a partnership between students, teachers and parents. This year we have started a variety of initiatives and programs to help bring our school closer together. In addition to greater transparency and communication, we hope to create a level of excitement and school spirit that permeates beyond the student body.

Our parent body has always been active - from organizing and coordinating our presence at the Israeli day parade to a host of activities coordinated by MAP. We would like to expand this involvement to many more areas of the school's operations. As a result, we have created the Moriah Parent Volunteer Program, requiring each family to volunteer 10 hours combined of their time to a school sponsored event or initiative over the course of the year. This amounts to just one hour per month for either parent. Our diverse group of parents harbor outstanding talents, and we encourage you to use your strengths, expertise and creativity to work on a project that you feel connected to. There are many opportunities to be involved in from marketing and communications to sports and finance.

To assist you, we have established a parent volunteer website containing a wide variety of possibilities to choose from. Once you register on the site, you will be able to sign-up for the opportunities which interest you. The website will send you relevant reminders and keep track of the opportunities your family signs up for, as well as the hours your family has donated. The site will be updated regularly, so please check-in to find additional volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Click here for access:
We encourage you to tell your children about the program you have signed up for, and share the excitement of volunteerism. If you have any questions, please contact: Abby Herschmann ( or Judith Goldsmith (

Rabbi Daniel Alter, Head of School
Morah Odelia Danishefsky, Associate Principal, Lower School
Morah Divsha Tollinsky, Early Childhood Director
Mrs. Alana Green, Director, Student Services
Seth Gribetz, President, Board of Trustees
Evan Borenstein, Chairman of the Board
and the Moriah Board of Trustees
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