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Tuition Affordability Program (TAP)


The Moriah School is proud to offer the Tuition Affordability Program ("TAP") for eligible families. The purpose of TAP is to provide a sustainable, affordable tuition for all members of our diverse Moriah community by offering a tuition scale that accounts for a family’s income level and number of day school children.  Providing affordability with educational excellence is a priority of Moriah’s Administration and Board of Trustees.

TAP participation qualifications are as follows:

Eligibility: Students in grades Pre-K – 8 are eligible for a TAP discount

Dependents: Toddler-full day & Nursery students at Moriah are counted as dependents, but are not eligible for a reduced tuition. Additionally, children enrolled in a Yeshiva high school, and graduates attending a gap year program in Israel may also be considered dependents (provided that the family has received a comparable tuition discount from the Israel program). Enrollment in Gesher or full-paying Middle School Support programs may qualify as an additional dependent, however, neither tuition will be reduced as part of TAP

Support Documents: Applicants must provide copies of their most recently filed full final personal, business and partnership tax returns with all schedules, W-2 and K-1 statements attached. 

Applicants must also submit a current property tax bill. Note, property taxes exceeding the thresholds below will not be eligible for TAP.


Property Tax Cap



Englewood Cliffs


Fort Lee






If your town is not listed, please contact the Business Office to review eligibility.

Income Definition: Gross income before elective deferrals (such as pension, cafe 125 and QTR). High levels of unearned income/losses on schedules C, D and E will be subject to review, and may require additional documentation and may affect eligibility.

Please note, TAP applications will be reviewed by the Director of Finance only.

  To Submit a TAP application:

-          Download, complete and sign the TAP matrix

-          Submit the completed TAP matrix along with applicable documents (tax return, W2s, K-1s) to Rivkie Gunsburg a[email protected] for review.


  If you have any questions, please reach out to Rivkie Gunsburg at [email protected]

TAP Matrix


A draft 2023 return may be submitted in the event that a final 2023 tax return has not been completed by the application deadline. 2023 W2s and other associated documents must be submitted with the draft return. The final 2023 return will be due no later than October 10th, 2024. 

The business office is not responsible for requesting missing documents, and will suspend TAP tuition while documentation is incomplete.