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Middle School Lunch Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online ordering website!
Our new plan allows students and parents to pre-order lunch choices directly online. The a la carte menu is exclusively available to Middle School students!
If your middle schooler is already on the lunch program (full lunch):
You will be able to purchase the a la carte menu and still have access to the complete regular daily lunch menu, including the full salad bar. In addition, you will receive $1 off each a la carte item.
If your middle schooler is not currently on the lunch program (no lunch/pizza):
You will be able to purchase the a la carte entrée of choice, but will only be served the items ordered. Students will not have access to the regular lunch or salad bar.
You may choose to order for as many or few days as desired. (Available Monday-Thursday) Fridays will remain the standard daily 'Pizza Day.' Menu items will vary weekly on a rotating cycle throughout the year.
How It Works....
Visit to view the current a la carte menu options.
Submit your order(s) by 8pm on the Thursday of the week prior.
If ordering for multiple children, please submit each order separately.
Pay directly online with a credit card when placing your orders. NO cash payments will be accepted in school. (Credit card purchases will appear as 'Five Star Caterers' on your statement )
Once submitted, all orders are final and may not be cancelled or changed. Substitutions are not permitted.
Students must present their lunch tag for proper pickup. Orders may only be picked up by the specified student. Students without their lunch tag will be directed to the office.
Lunch pickup will take place at the designated pickup counter and will be available during the scheduled middle school lunch period.
Substitutions are not permitted. Due to the nature of this program, if lunches are not picked up during the lunch period of the scheduled day, there are no refunds and the meal cannot be held.

Questions? Please email [email protected].
We are looking forward to a delicious new lunch experience!
Erik Kessler
Executive Director