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The Moriah Association of Parents, fondly known as MAP, is comprised of parents who volunteer their time to organize a wide variety of events and activities for the benefit of our school. The mission of the Moriah Association of Parents (MAP) is to increase Moriah school spirit and enhance the Moriah experience by providing programming for students, parents and faculty that is fun filled, socially interactive and in the line with the Brit Midot. MAP encourages parent involvement in the school thereby fostering camaraderie amongst the parent body and identifying and developing future lay leaders of Moriah. MAP's fundraising services offer parents conveniences that simultaneously support Moriah. The funds that MAP raises are given back to the school to support the library and make significant purchases that fulfill particular needs of Moriah. MAP provides and facilitates well-deserved recognition to its staff and faculty. Check the Moriah calender for contact information for specific activities and events.