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At The Moriah School we make innovative use of technology to support our programs and enhance independent learning in and beyond the classroom. Our students are able to leverage the power of technology to help them become 21st Century Learners.
From the earliest grades we support their critical thinking by including technology as a ubiquitous part of our school. Through the use of SMART Boards, laptops, learner response clickers and iPods our students communicate and collaborate in class and beyond. Our Hebrew Immersion class connects our NJ school with our Israeli educators. Working in this globally connected environment has proven to be an invaluable part of our Judaic curriculum.
  • In Early Childhood through the use of SMART Tables students use their creativity to explore new learning.
  • Our Elementary age children use the TalAm Ariot Program to learn the fundamentals of Hebrew Language in a blended setting.
  • Through our EnVision Math program students use this online program to support their classroom learning both at school and at home.
  • Coupled with EnVision Math, students also use IXL and MangaHigh to enhance their classroom experience allowing for more in-depth differentiation of instruction.
  • Animation is a wonderful way to teach progressive concepts. Our 4th grade students work collaboratively with their art and technology teachers to make a stop motion movie of continental shifts.
  • Each year we have special celebrations of Inventions and Inventors through history as well as Oceanography. Students are empowered to create videos to demonstrate their understanding of these topics. Recently we added a special focus on 45 Inventions from Israel.
  • Jewish tradition is rooted in the legacy of our heritage. Through our annual Heritage Fair each of our 6th grade family’s history is shared online and at our school.
  • Middle School students virtually partner with chavrutas in yeshivot around the world.
  • Middle School Rabbaim created a scavenger hunt of QR codes to teach our students the 39 melachot.
Communication between faculty and parents is paramount in a child’s educational journey, which is why we utilize multiple media technologies to keep the lines of communication open. Through the comprehensive integrated platform provided by our hosting service, Haiku, we are able to achieve this goal.